Much Ado About Hillary

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"A Singular Achievement" got it right versus "It's Not About You, Hillary" [June 16].

For many women waiting "to see the ultimate glass ceiling shattered" by Hillary Clinton, the end of her candidacy was indeed very painful. I had to record Hillary's exit speech because I could not bear to watch it the same day it was aired. Hillary is not just another female candidate. We have seen her by the side and in the shadow of her successful husband for years, and to many capable, educated and ambitious women, she strikes a chord. If Hillary is not on the Democratic ticket as vice president, her heartbreak is, in a certain sense, mine as well. For many women, this is not just about the Democratic agenda.

Mafalda Salvi

Fort Lee , N.J.  

Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic presidential nominee if she had not mismanaged her campaign. She misjudged what America wanted by touting her experience. She overspent and felt she was entitled. She used her husband as a trial balloon for playing the race card. And she didn't have real answers for this country's problems. Hillary Clinton has four years to develop workable solutions and can run again.

George Burks

Lubbock , Texas