Taking Unexpected Turns

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"The Mileage on McCain" [May 19] failed to mention that the North Vietnamese, after discovering John McCain's father and grandfather were high-ranking Navy officers, offered to release the severely injured pilot.

McCain refused to leave unless his fellow prisoners were freed as well. No suffering human being could possibly offer his country a greater sacrifice than McCain did, and few Americans have demonstrated such patriotic qualifications for public office.

Jim Nevins

Cody, Wyo.  

"The Mileage on McCain" quoted the statement that "the public was ill-served," referring to the coverup of Franklin Roosevelt's high blood pressure while he was running for his fourth term. As it turned out, the public was very well served, albeit indirectly, because of the choice of vice president. Had fdr decided not to run in 1944, it is doubtful that we would ever have experienced the presidency of Harry Truman—still the only great president of my lifetime.

Virginia Sweetland

Republic, Wash.