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June 2008

Help for Sick Children

As the parent of a child whose main diagnosis falls under pediatric rheumatology, I would appreciate your including that specialty among "America's Best Children's Hospitals" [June 9].

Pediatric rheumatology has not been around for long, and some states do not have a single pediatric rheumatologist.

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More Fuel for Thought

"Big Oil's State of Denial" [June 9] is typical of the information put forth by environmentalists.

Oil shale will very likely never be economically feasible, and tar sands may never be recoverable. Oil companies spend billions every year to keep up with the growing demand for petroleum and products ...

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Earth in Jeopardy?

Thanks for your article entitled "Endangered Destinations" [May 26-June 2].

I took special interest in the section regarding The Galapagos Islands and found it to be very thought-provoking. However, I must say that it is quite ironic to speak of a ravaging "of the sensitive eco-system" of the ...

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Atmospheric Pressure

I really appreciated the great cover story on "Endangered Destinations" [May 26-June 2].

It's disconcerting to realize that in this day and age, the scope of the human enterprise has scaled up so much that it can have such immense negative impact on the global environment. But just as we have used ...

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On War and WMDs

In Michael Barone's "Rethinking the Iraq Critics" [May 19], he purports to illustrate the "liberal fallac[ies]" that gird the criticisms of the Iraq War.

Instead, he gives us a compendium of conservative fallacies with which Bush apologists still endeavor to turn the Iraq catastrophe into a ...

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Why the Market Failed

Mortimer B. Zuckerman's editorial "How to Fix a Market Failure" [May 19] suggests seven reforms that will neither fix the current market failure nor correct the system from this type of event happening again.

All of the suggestions together fail to get at the root cause of the current debacle. The ...

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The Feminine Influence on FDR

I read with avid interest the book excerpt on Franklin and Lucy ["The Love of His Life," April 28-May 5].

While the article was an interesting peek into private lives, I was chagrined to see that the author chose to perpetuate the soap opera mentality that a person can be controlled by his or her ...

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The Toll of Japanese Internment

I am now 76 years old but remember the days of internment beginning when I was 10 ["Journey Into a Dark Past," May 19].

Japanese-Americans never had it all until the 1960s. Housing, jobs, and loans and service were not our due for many years after World War II. My mother told my younger sister and ...

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Money Management 101

"Learning the Tricks of Managing Money" [May 19] struck a nerve.

Our 19-year-old son has a credit card on which he understands he must pay the entire balance monthly. His most recent balance of $584.38 required a minimum payment of $11. If he never bought another thing with this card, it would take ...

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Food's Uncertain Future

"Fixing the Food Crisis" [May 19] neglected an essential policy solution used since Joseph counseled the Pharaoh in the Old Testament: stockpiling food for a rainy day.

Grain and food reserves have been dismantled in many countries where misguided ideology advised them to rely on foreign imports for ...

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Taking Unexpected Turns

"The Mileage on McCain" [May 19] failed to mention that the North Vietnamese, after discovering John McCain's father and grandfather were high-ranking Navy officers, offered to release the severely injured pilot.

McCain refused to leave unless his fellow prisoners were freed as well. No suffering ...

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A Flood of Emotion

"A Disaster Made Worse" [May 19] described the catastrophic results of a cyclone that struck Myanmar (formerly Burma) and those who may still perish for lack of timely aid.

The article was brief, but the accompanying photograph of villagers left homeless was riveting. In the lower left corner was a ...

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