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I think it is time much more effort is put forth to promote all kinds of solutions to our energy problems ["Can America Use Less Energy?" April 28-Mary 5].

Our politicians must get their heads out of the sand and take the initiative to inform and motivate all Americans, this was done during World War II, when the government headed a national campaign to fight the Germans and Japanese, this should happen again. Substantial incentives must be made available to individuals and companies for development of less expensive solar power and other methods. We subsidize farmers only to get meager results and on top of that have huge increases in food prices. Incentives for new energy technologies will pay off in the long run and benefit the economy.

Birgit Viehe

Deerfield Beach , Fl a .  

I began changing the light bulbs in my house over to compact fluorescents (CFLs) some months ago. I've been checking the stock of CFLs at places like Home Depot and Ace Hardware. All that they had were made in China. I was told that you can't buy a CFL that isn't made in China. That took me by surprise.

Ralph Mitchell

Via e-mail  

U.S. News fails to mention the number one reason for every accelerating environmental crisis on this planet: human overpopulation. With population experts projecting 100 million added Americans in 30 years, no energy diet will help our civilization. The more extreme our numbers the more extreme our children's consequences will be.

Frosty Wooldridge

Westminster , C olo.  

"A Home Energy Diet: Where There's a Will, There's a Way" mentioned how all appliances suck out energy even when turned off. However, it failed to inform of a simple, sure way to cut off the energy. That is to unplug. We think a tiny bit of energy won't matter, but consider: There are about 50 million households in America, each with about 30 appliances. Why can't these appliances and electronics be unplugged overnight and when not in use? The country is in a national energy crisis and a household would save big by this simple act.

William Messinger

Whiting, N.J.  

Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego are well endowed with winds that are almost always blowing, which could be used for wind power. Of course electricity generated by wind turbines in those locations would not be readily available where needed. The technology development required would be considerable but feasibility is not an issue. Pilot projects should be undertaken immediately following site selection and appropriate licensing by Chile and/or Argentina.

David Abraham

Rockville , Md.