Condom Quandary


"Why the Pope is Wrong About Condoms" [April 28-May 5], about Catholic Bishop Kevin Dowling of South Africa's approval of the use of condoms to prevent the spread of aids, provided a breath of fresh air and reason.

Besides the AIDS crisis, the realities of overpopulation, global warming, rising food prices, starvation, and habitat devastation (as in the Brazilian rain forest), among many others, clearly show that business as usual, including adherence to religious doctrine, won't work. It is vital that global population growth be drastically slowed, and this requires a common-sense approach to family size limitation, birth control, and abortion, particularly when needed to save the life of the mother.

Warren D. Bowman, M.D.

Billings, Mont.  

I am left in wonderment as to how a clergyman can believe that condoms can stop HIV—especially in his own country, South Africa, where condom distribution has been practiced with abandon and the HIV infection rate has actually gone up. It is that mentality that has allowed sexual freedom to foster the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases we are facing now. The bishop must remember he has to serve a higher power than any in the world.

Guy Sudano

Sunnyvale, Calif.