Virtual Reality


"The Ignorant American" [March 10] interview with Susan Jacoby was an eye opener.

It threw a powerful light on the shameful indifference of our students toward learning foreign languages and about the countries where those languages are spoken. But the more serious problem lies in their inability to communicate effectively even in simple English. You cannot use the deformed English of text messages in corporate communications. No doubt, the good paying jobs are being outsourced to the foreigners.

Muhammed Yunus

Bolingbrook , Ill.  

Finally, someone that is reporting on what teachers have known for years. It does not matter much what technology schools use, it will not keep up with what the children have at home. When discussing a child's low grades or lack of improvement, I have never had a parent say to me, "I just do not know what else to do. I have taken away all the books, paper and pencils, art supplies, curtailed physical activity, and do not allow her/him to care for the family animals." Instead I get a list consisting of the current electronic games, cell phones, child's personal TV (not the family TV), music receiver, motorized vehicles, and the ability to physically visit with friends that have been taken away. Until knowledge and education are important in the home the children will not learn in the schools. The government, researchers, do-gooders, can propose all the "fixes" they want. None will work until education and intelligence is sought for, and celebrated, like sports are in this country.

Nancy McCormick

Benson , Ariz.  

Great interview! When is it coming out on YouTube? Just kidding, I'm getting the book.

Matthias Jahl

Poway , Calif.  

Prior to retirement, I used a computer extensively. Upon retiring, I didn't get one for home use, with few regrets. Now I find radio, television, newspapers and publications all say "go online for further news." Why do we subscribe to these services? With radio, we can listen and do other things. With news publications and television, the same. Why do we need online if they are doing their jobs? I'm sorry the word processor has become passé. So far I can still read the thinning U.S.News & World Report, et. al., in bed, while eating, on a plane, etc., all without a screen.

Elizabeth Melius

Billings , Mont.