Riders Weigh In


The 3-Day Event is a very demanding sport of both horse and rider ["Riding Kills Horses, Too," "To the Contrary," usnews.com].

As with any sport that requires an all out effort, accidents happen. People are injured, horses are injured. However, Bonnie Erbe neglected to point out a very, very important fact: literally, tens of thousands cross country "starts" occur every year in every state in this country. The accidents are very few. Three-Day Event horses are some of the most pampered equestrians around. These horses receive the highest quality of care and scrutiny for soundness. Further, these horses love the game, they love to run and they love to jump.

Kathryn Sullivan

Estacada , Ore.  

I know that you have heard from a few eventers stating that "Riding Kills Horses, Too" was terrible. I found it thought provoking and I am grateful that a magazine with a large circulation such as U.S. News would take the time to cover the story. My sport needs change and with the outcry of the eventing community and the public awareness that articles like this create, I am hopeful that we will continue to see more progress by the United States Eventing Association.

E. Beyrer

Via e-mail