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April 2008

A Future for All

I really enjoyed the interview with Donna Foote, "What is Teach for America Really Like?" [usnews.com], however, I was troubled by the last line of the article.

As a Teach for America alum one of the most important messages I took away from my time in the Corps was that "these children" do have a ...

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Reviving the Dream

"How to Succeed at 'The Office'" [March 24-31] reminds me of how I discovered the love of my life.

Since I was five, I always wanted to teach children. But it became impossible when I got married ay age 20 and with only two years of college. At 39 and five kids later, I went back to college to get ...

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From the Editor

Depending on how much time you spend online, you probably know that one of the hottest buzzwords is "user-generated content."

Essentially: stuff that people make for free, whether it's videos on YouTube or refrigerator reviews on a consumer site. It can be silly—take a few minutes to peruse some of ...

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Cares of the Faithful

"The Pope and American Catholics" cover story [April 7-14] was indeed interesting and thorough, touching on many hot-button issues facing the church today.

But Catholic doctrine is not determined by the opinion of the laity. Even if 99 percent of Catholics disagree with the concept of a male ...

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Autism and Admiration

I read your article "Finding Music in Autism" [April 7-14].

I have a wonderful, autistic granddaughter named Gaby whom I'm so proud of. She helps her mom with her small brother and shows so much love for her family. Gaby is an artist, loves designing cakes, and is going to be 18 years old. I feel ...

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Gunning for a Debate

Thank you for your March 17 cover story "The New Battle Over Guns."

Generally speaking, it was a fairly unbiased account. On the cover, you state, "The Supreme Court decides what the Second Amendment really means" and then ask the question: "Do you have the right to own a gun?" Answer: Hell, yes!

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Rock Star Vs. Leader

Regarding your articles on the charisma of Barack Obama and John McCain: Charisma is one of the most dangerous characteristics a candidate or president can have ["Every Prince Charming Has His Limits," March 17].

All too often it leads to groupthink and other decision-making problems. In fact,

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The Farmers' Good Fortune

Perhaps you should have com-missioned a farmer to write "The Growing Food Cost Crisis" [March 17].

Bruce Babcock, director of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development at Iowa State University, should look beyond the Iowa cornfields before saying: "I will guarantee that anyone who is farming ...

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A Field of Dreams

In "A Conversation with Clinton" [March 17], Sen. Hillary Clinton continues to ask voters "to support me because of what I've done for 35 years."

It is amazing that few seem to challenge her on those 35 years. How does being a lawyer, governor's wife, and first lady give her valuable experience to ...

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Stemming Extremism

Your special report featuring Egypt's grand mufti, Sheik Ali Gomaa ["A Voice of Moderation," March 17], though welcome, appears to me too little, too late.

You refer to a recent Gallup study, which found that "93 percent of Muslims from 35 different nations call themselves moderates." Given this ...

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Reflection on Light Links

"Turning Out the Lights" [March 24-31] leaps logic to arrive at spurious conclusions.

For example, women working night shifts have higher rates of breast cancer, and therefore it's the lights. What about weird hours, being out of sync with family, financial stress that dictated night work? Aren't ...

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The Smaller the Better

As an elementary educator, I did not appreciate the article on the Education Watch page regarding class size ["Smaller Class Sizes May Not Help," March 24-31].

I know from firsthand experience that every extra minute of one-on-one time I can give to my struggling learners makes a big difference.

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Training Away Emotion

As a law enforcement trainer, I found that your article "Not War but Close Enough" [March 24-31] had relevance to law enforcement as well as the military.

What we in law enforcement have also learned through realistic force-on-force training and reviews of actual critical incidents is that very ...

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Conflict Resolution

Regarding "Inside the Minds of Muslims" [March 24-31]: I have not yet read the book, Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think, discussed in the interview.

So why do I suspect it is another attempt to rationalize the behavior of Muslim terrorists and blame Americans for it? We are ...

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Gray Wolves in the Wild

Many thanks for your q&a with Ed Bangs, gray wolf recovery coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ["The Remarkable, Resilient Wolf," March 17].

Without Bangs's tactfulness and persistence, there would probably be no wolves howling in Yellowstone National Park. He should be thanked for ...

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Disdain for John McCain

In "The Return of the Maverick Candidate" [March 17], Jill Hazelbaker is quoted as saying, "John McCain is a different kind of Republican."

McCain may have been a bit of a maverick, but he is now in line with Republican anti-environmental policy. Of 15 Senate votes critical to the environment in ...

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Business Ventures Abroad

Thank you for the article onthe tips for small businesses looking abroad ["Now Even Small Firms Can Go Global," March 10].

As someone familiar with the work of High Street Partners and involved in the industry of helping U.S. companies navigate entry into emerging markets, it is great to see the ...

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Democratic Dream Team

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton shooting at each other does not show their ability to push John McCain around and win the White House ["Now Comes the Hard Part," March 17].

It's too late for that. They both need to demonstrate their strength and ability to defeat McCain, putting him on the ...

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Little Peace in the Mideast

"A Moral Outrage" [March 24-31], cogently analyzed and deplored by Mortimer B. Zuckerman, will persist unabated and become more egregious unless there is a major mutation in the mind-set among credulous western nations that continue to harbor the illusion that Hamas and the majority of Palestinians ...

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Rethinking Immigration

Regarding "A Balancing Act" [March 24-31]: Why not settle the immigration problem by letting those with valid passports who have shown no criminal intent and just want to come here to work cross the border legally?

Load them up with extracts of our labor and tax laws in a language they understand,

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