Reviving the Dream


"How to Succeed at 'The Office'" [March 24-31] reminds me of how I discovered the love of my life.

Since I was five, I always wanted to teach children. But it became impossible when I got married ay age 20 and with only two years of college. At 39 and five kids later, I went back to college to get my BA. With my husband's help, I got my BA and my secondary teaching credential. My dream had come true. Good or bad, every day was a new adventure. I loved every minute of teaching. It was wonderful. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, my days as a high school teacher did not last very long. I discovered I had a degenerate eye gene and could not see enough to teach my students. I was forced to take disability retirement. It was the worst day of my life. I could still teach, however, I could not discipline the teenage students. I couldn't see them. I worked in several jobs after my retirement. I even started my own company, but they were never equal to teaching, the love of my life. Not having taught for the last 30 years, at 81, I am teaching again. I spend one hour every weekday teaching my grandson college economics. I never thought I could find the love of my life again, but I did it. I am teaching once more.

Matil S. Warren

Escondido , Calif.