Paying for the Perks


Thankfully, I was having a before-dinner cocktail when I read about the "White House Moving Day Tab: $8.9 Million" [Washington Whispers, March 17].

It lessened the impact of the cost of what the taxpayers will pay to get President Bush back to his ranch. Then a second cocktail even provided some consolation. Although the disastrous aspects of some of his policies will linger, he will be away from Washington, D.C. Maybe someday he will drive to Crawford or Waco, Texas, and observe what his energy policies have done relating to gasoline prices.

Mike McKinnon

Spokane, Wash.  

I do not mind the high pensions and fringe benefits that former presidents receive, but why should taxpayers foot the bill for their offices and phone expenses? At the present time, when the country is going through a serious recession and people are losing their homes, we are subsidizing Bill Clinton's office expenses to the tune of $544,000 for rent and $79,000 for the phone bill? That is sinful! These presidents are all millionaires and can afford to pay for their office expenses. Besides, they all have their fabulous libraries; why can't they have their offices there?

Gabriella Kolias

Placentia, Calif.