In Defense of Congress


Regarding "Forget the Credit—Just Do It, Says Chertoff": NIMTOF (Not in My Term of Office), coined by Howard Kunreuther and used by Michael Chertoff, is another facile and convenient cheap shot at Washington in general and Congress in particular [Washington Whispers, March 24-31].

While we are at it, let's also include all the organizations many of us belong to: veteran, educational, environmental, labor, business. Many if not most Americans either vote for our 535 members of the House and Senate or belong to some organization or both. Furthermore, many of those congressmen and women are only there for two years before we get a chance to give them thumbs up or down. Also, keep in mind that very few if any projects can get through the congressional process in two years. And, of course, our president can veto! Now if not in full agreement with this, please allow me to remind you of the wise old philosopher Pogo's sage observation: "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

Jim Dermody

Flagler Beach, Fla .