Gray Wolves in the Wild


Many thanks for your q&a with Ed Bangs, gray wolf recovery coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ["The Remarkable, Resilient Wolf," March 17].

Without Bangs's tactfulness and persistence, there would probably be no wolves howling in Yellowstone National Park. He should be thanked for taking on all the local fearmongers and politicians.

Dick Sadler

Casper, Wyo.  

The amount of money spent on wolves since their reintroduction by the federal government would have been better spent on healthcare for children and our senior citizens. We already have enough predators in this country. Black and grizzly bears, mountain lions, coyotes, bald and golden eagles, and other smaller predators do enough damage to our song and game birds, ducks, elk, deer, sheep, moose, and other smaller animals.

William D. Littell

Big Timber, Mont.