Disdain for John McCain


In "The Return of the Maverick Candidate" [March 17], Jill Hazelbaker is quoted as saying, "John McCain is a different kind of Republican."

McCain may have been a bit of a maverick, but he is now in line with Republican anti-environmental policy. Of 15 Senate votes critical to the environment in 2007, McCain was absent for all 15.

Charles E. Wilson

Winston-Salem, N.C.  

Those who liked the bush years, and want them to continue, will vote for John McCain. Those who didn't like the Bush years, and want them to end, will vote for the other candidate. I am sure that independents and moderates will listen very carefully to the McCain response when asked about the growing opposition to the Iraq war: "I disagree with what the majority of the American people want."

Kenneth Lee

Raytown, Mo.