A Field of Dreams


In "A Conversation with Clinton" [March 17], Sen. Hillary Clinton continues to ask voters "to support me because of what I've done for 35 years."

It is amazing that few seem to challenge her on those 35 years. How does being a lawyer, governor's wife, and first lady give her valuable experience to be president? Does she expect voters to think living in a governor's mansion or the White House is significant experience? When she talks about "all the campaigns that I've been involved in," are there more than her two as a senator from New York? Is she again counting all of her husband's campaigns? Senator Clinton wants to play by her rules. How disappointing if this is the type of leadership the American voters think would be best for our country.

Scott E. Carter

New Berlin, Wis.  

It would be disastrous for Obama's political future to be on the same ticket with Hillary Clinton. She can't rely as heavily as she has on having been first lady and not be associated with the downside of her marriage to Bill, which will be a huge distraction. Independents and conservative Democrats will support John McCain, ensuring his election. If Hillary is the nominee, Obama will have another shot in 2012. McCain would be a one-term president because of his age, and Hillary would be a one-term president because we would be sick of the copresidency and associated messes.

Ken Mattheis