A Musical Voyage

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If you knew the words to "Arirang," the Korean folk song played by the New York Philharmonic in North Korea recently, you would immediately recognize that there is an English song with the same motif ["A Performance to Remember," March 10].

The English song is My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean. It is about a lover pining over a friend who is a long way off. I was in Korea for most of 1946 and learned there were—and still are—family and friends who are separated by the Demilitarized Zone and are longing to be together.

Mike Chucta

Delaware, Ohio  

Whoever thought for such a historic event that you would only publish a photograph of three quarters of the New York Philharmonic in U.S. News? Where is the rest of the orchestra? There is a violin section and a percussion section missing as well as a man named Mark Nuccio, the associate principal clarinetist. His father, Ed Nuccio, is my band director here in the New Horizons Band of Colorado Springs. What a disappointment.

Anita K. Hanson

Colorado Springs, Colo.