Puerto Rico's Unexpected Power

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I read with incredulity Michael Barone's article "Puerto Rican Poll Power" [usnews.com].

In a highly competitive election year, Barone's concern that any one state or group will have undue clout in the Democratic Party's determination of its ultimate presidential candidate seems grossly over-determined and misplaced—much less that Puerto Rico will be the secret weapon for any one candidate. Barone undervalues and dismisses Puerto Rico and its four million American citizens suggesting they deserve less clout than other Americans in our political process. What is truly "absurd" (to use Barone's word) is that U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico do not have full voting rights in our presidential elections despite having shed blood in "disproportionate" numbers to defend the United States in all our conflicts since WW I through Afghanistan and Iraq.

Orlando Vidal


The fact of the matter is that if the states hadn't done a mad scramble to bring up their own primaries to Super Tuesday, Puerto Rico's primary would be a mere afterthought. Now, however, with Puerto Rico having left its original primary date untouched and last before the Democratic National Convention, all of a sudden it acquires great relevance in this tight race. Great! At least this puts the spotlight on our second-class citizen status and we can finally get Congress to push a status resolution bill that would end our being a colony, hopefully towards full participation as a State of the Union.

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