Crisis Leadership

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"Mac is Back" fails to make a full presentation of John McCain's stand on important issues ["The Leader of the Pack," February 18].

Indoctrinated during his formative years, McCain has become a believer in a military solution to political problems. His proposal of 100 years of occupation of Iraq clearly demonstrates that he is out of touch. McCain has failed to understand that wars are against people, and therefore people are against wars.

Robert Houston


Having been the victim of the Vietnam War fiasco, McCain is the last person you would expect to support another one. Yet, he's a fan of the quagmire in Iraq. As president, he promises to carry on the policies that have destroyed that nation and drained our own. A leader needs to be capable of learning from mistakes. Right now, we are being dragged to the brink of ruin by one of the stupidest mistakes we have ever made.

Michael Steely

Medford, Ore.  

Ronald Reagan not only inspired Republicans; he inspired a nation when it was going through a period of unrest, including Iran and the American hostages ["The Gipper's Winning Coalition"]. In fact, I was so tuned in to Reagan's message of nationalism and his optimistic view of America that when, as a candidate, he came to speak at the Media, Pa., courthouse, I took a vacation day to see and hear him.

John J. Pino

Newtown Square, Pa.