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March 2008

Subprime Loan Impact

"Nightmare on Main Street" [March 10] missed the point about the skyrocketing increase of home prices since the beginning of this decade, which was caused more by the Fed's continuous rate cuts than by the rampant and reckless release of subprime loans.

In my neighborhood, a condo's market value ...

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Fun With Political 'Toons

I thoroughly enjoyed "Picture Power" [March 10] on political cartoons.

One of the best for this current election year hasn't been printed yet because it is only in my head. The cartoon is divided between an upper half and a lower half. The upper half shows that it is September 2009. The setting is ...

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A Musical Voyage

If you knew the words to "Arirang," the Korean folk song played by the New York Philharmonic in North Korea recently, you would immediately recognize that there is an English song with the same motif ["A Performance to Remember," March 10].

The English song is My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean. It is ...

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War and Remembrance

Regarding the article "Saving Symbols of Shame" [March 10] concerning the wartime internment of Japanese-Americans: Tragically, during wartime, many innocents are caught up in the struggle.

The internees were among the innocent; however, they were furnished basic necessities of life and were ...

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In "White House Moving Day Tab: $8.9 Million" [March 17], the date of the next inauguration is Jan. 20, 2009.

Because of a publishing error, the five schools that tied for No. 100 in the law school ranking—Mercer University, Stetson University, Syracuse University, University at Buffalo-SUNY, and ...

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Wartime Worries

"The Burden of Duty" [February 25-March3] was right on regarding the strain the war on terror has had on our fighting men and women.

For the most part they have taken it in stride while saddled with an administration more than willing to send them into combat for less than noble purposes. Men like ...

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Keeping Up With Obama

I am a middle-aged, middle-class white guy who must also be a racist because the main reason I voted for Barack Obama in my state primary is his race ["The Obama Effect," February 25-March 3].

Of course, I am convinced he is smart, capable, and experienced. More important to me, however, is the ...

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Greed in the Pulpit?

The adherents of the Prosperity Gospel, and especially their extremely rich leaders, should beware ["Preaching a Gospel of Excess?," February 25-March 3].

Christ was very clear on the subject of wealth and salvation. A man asked Jesus, "Good Teacher, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?"

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In Education: East Vs. West

The commitment to academic achievement of Chinese and Indian students, as portrayed in "All Eyes on the Competition" [February 25-March 3], is not a result of their schools.

It is the result of the values and expectations of their national cultures. If we wish American students to apply themselves ...

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Olympics of Oppression

"Olympic Crackdown" [February 25-March 3] was a welcome assessment of the political lay of the land in China as the 2008 Summer Olympics draw near.

Unfortunately, the outlook remains bleak for victims of the authoritarian state within China, as well as victims of Beijing's irresponsible foreign ...

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Towards a Fairer Primary

In "Not So Super Tuesday" [February 18], Mortimer Zuckerman asks, "Is it not worth giving more superdelegates, who possess a closer view of and insights into the leadership skills of the candidates, a larger role in both parties' selection process?"

No, it isn't. The notions that voters are just a ...

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The (Truly) Great Outdoors

"Why Kids Need a Big Dose of Nature" [usnews.com] obviously hit the right chord, as 95 percent of those who took your online poll agreed that children need to play outdoors to have a healthy childhood.

It's discouraging, though, when studies find that in a typical week, only six percent of children ...

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Puerto Rico's Unexpected Power

I read with incredulity Michael Barone's article "Puerto Rican Poll Power" [usnews.com].

In a highly competitive election year, Barone's concern that any one state or group will have undue clout in the Democratic Party's determination of its ultimate presidential candidate seems grossly ...

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Meditations on the Middle East

Thank you for Mortimer Zuckerman's excellent editorial "The Elusive Mideast Peace" [January 28-February 4].

However, even he fails to fully elucidate Israel's plight. Since Israel left Gaza in September 2005, Palestinians have fired 4,000 rockets and mortars at Israel, mostly at the town of Sderot.

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Crisis Leadership

"Mac is Back" fails to make a full presentation of John McCain's stand on important issues ["The Leader of the Pack," February 18].

Indoctrinated during his formative years, McCain has become a believer in a military solution to political problems. His proposal of 100 years of occupation of Iraq ...

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Mentally Ill Offenders

I have been working in the mental health field for many years as a case manager and advocate for the incarcerated mentally ill.  I know full well the extent to which jails and prisons in America have become the new de facto asylums. "A Court of Compassion" [February 18], on alternative special ...

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In "Stopping Oral Cancer" [February 25], oral cancers associated with the virus HPV have been rising, but oral cancers associated with other causes, including tobacco and alcohol use, have fallen since 1983.

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