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February 2008

Economic Impact

Regarding "Anxious America" [February 11]: "San Jose, Calif., . . . tech workers are nervous" succinctly examined the tribulations that some American tech workers face in Silicon Valley. However, that is not an excuse to deny foreign skilled workers entry to America.

Many tech workers believe that ...

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Take the Money and Run

Although it is true that patience is often rewarded when claiming Social Security, mathematics alone could make waiting costly ["Playing the Waiting Game," February 11].

In the story, the 62-year-old receiving $1,320 a month ($15,840 annually) would collect $126,720 over the eight-year waiting ...

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Election Recollections

A subscriber for many years, I heartily congratulate you and your staff for bringing us "Great Moments in Campaign History" [January 28-February 4].

This is a highly informative and interesting work by a series of fine authors. It is particularly well-written, balanced and effectively presented. It ...

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More Chipotle, Please!

Thank you for your article on the Chipotle franchises ["Chipotle's Secret Salsa," January 21].

Last October I took my two college-student sons and four of their friends to dinner at the Chipotle restaurant in Bloomington, Indiana. Although they were frequent customers, it was my first time to any ...

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Haifa Déjà Vu

"For Haifa Street, a Welcome Calm" sounds similar to articles in the press in the Spring of 2005.

I was the Army's Civil Affairs team sergeant in the Haifa Street area from September 2004 until April 2005. Starting in mid-2004 there was considerable strife on Haifa Street, from numerous insurgent ...

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A Worthwhile Alternative

For too long, the medical profession has looked down on alternative medicine ["Embracing Alternative Care," January 21].

I just wanted to let you that a small trial was recently completed at Mayo Clinic as to the affect of Green Tea extracts (EGCG) on Chronic Lymphocyte Leukemia. Even though it was ...

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Safety First on School Buses

It is refreshing to see the changes and updates to school buses to promote online connectivity for kids with long commutes ["This Bus Is Plugged In," January 21].

The additions to the vehicles are admirable and innovative. Unfortunately, it seems a major tragedy will have to occur before another ...

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Remnants and Reflections

I read every word of your cover story "Great Moments in Campaign History" [January 28-February 4] and marvel at how great people can do or say less-than-great things.

How mortal of them. The memorabilia decorating the story were especially welcome, and political junkies and collectors in your ...

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Beneficiary Rebuff

According to "Yale Dips Into Its Endowment, Too" [January 28-February 4], Yale University, with $23 billion in its endowment fund, an obscene amount to start with, is going to make approximately $24 million available "to slash the cost" of attending the institution for families making up to ...

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Whispering Back

The sanguine attitude of "This Time, a White House Twofer's OK," [Washington Whispers, January 21] about Hillary Clinton's "twofer" presidential candidacy seems oddly misplaced.

After being told we got two for the price of one by the Clinton's in the 1990s, surely Hillary's unseemly campaign ...

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Quotes of 2007

I loved Mort Zuckerman's editorial "What They Should Have Said" [January 14], giving his one-liner offerings to famous, mainly political notables.

What a humorous, creative, clever and intelligent insight he has. Would he consider running for President?

Sherry Scrivani

Tustin , Calif.  

Of the 30 or ...

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Examining the Alternatives

I read your report on alternative medicine with great interest ["Embracing Alternative Care," January 21].

Our 10-year-old son has been suffering from chronic Lyme disease for five years. Otherwise, I doubt we would have had a reason to experience and appreciate integrative medicine. Little boys who ...

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Abortion Issue Debate

Why can't the right to lifers give up and accept the status quo ["New Abortion Wars," January 14]?

One problem they have never been able to come to grips with is what to do when women are able to abort by themselves, a safe and simple procedure with the increased availability of the French drug ...

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The Ethics of Abortion

At first, I was disappointed that your report on Colorado's Human Life Amendment - declaring that personhood begins at the instant of fertilization - did not give the reasoning that led its religious advocates to choose this time point ["New Abortion Wars," January 14].

But their website reveals ...

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Contemplating a Caliphate

I read with interest the article "Caliph Wanted" [January 14].

No doubt it is all a political rhetoric to grab power by misleading Muslim masses in the name of religion. The first caliphate was started after the demise of a Prophet (Muhammad) in 632. It again has started after the demise of a ...

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Albright Incites

In "Cleaning Up a Foreign Policy Mess" [January 14], the always amazing Madeleine Albright laments President Bush's "preemptive" foreign policy style, but when asked what she would have done differently during the Clinton administration, she states that "the main thing that I regret was during [my]

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