Financial Future Looks Glum


I read "D.C. ABCs: The 'S' Word Follows the 'R' Word," [January 21] which says the President will shortly offer a proposal to stimulate the economy to head off recession.

As usual Mr. Bush, like most Republicans, has only one answer to every problem, cut taxes! He thinks our government can live on the credit card and has basically done that during his entire term of office. Look at the size of our National Debt at the beginning of the Bush administration, (5.7 Trillion dollars) and look at it now (9.2 Trillion Dollars). It has not quite doubled but it likely will before the end of his administration. The Republican answer to everything is to simply print more money & give tax breaks. When the administration's actions cause our economy to slip into recession, their answer is to cut more taxes. Shortly we will be electing a new President. Hopefully our citizens will come to their senses and elect people who will be more diligent in dealing with the real problems that face this country and our nation's finances should be high up on that list.

Alfred L. Salas

Corrales , N . M .  

Both Republicans and Democrats want to increase federal spending to forestall a recession. It shouldn't take this brain scientist to figure out that this plan will increase the federal deficit, which in turn cheapens the already falling dollar. Public and private debt are major reasons we are in this financial pickle in the first place. Deficit spending to stimulate an already sick economy is economic blood letting. Sometimes a cure is more dangerous than the sickness.

Bill Klemm

Bryan , Texas