Whispering Back

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The sanguine attitude of "This Time, a White House Twofer's OK," [Washington Whispers, January 21] about Hillary Clinton's "twofer" presidential candidacy seems oddly misplaced.

After being told we got two for the price of one by the Clinton's in the 1990s, surely Hillary's unseemly campaign violates the spirit of the Constitution if not the letter of it. The American people are in danger of trading their republic for a dynastic system of leadership in which elite families rule for decades. Haven't we learned anything from the unfortunate Bush presidencies? Wars and recessions, wars and recessions. We must break this cycle of intellectual and moral failure in the White House. It is time for a change.

Salvatore Prisco

Hackettstown N.J.  

Here are past direct quotes from the Clintons. Bill, when he started his presidency, said, "You get two [of us] for the price of one." Hillary said, "We are the President." If we were to take them at their words, Hillary has had her two terms and thus like Bill, is ineligible to run again.

John Palmer

Amherst , Mass.  

What I've always loved about PETA is its terrific sense of black humor ["PETA Takes Fight to Col. Sanders's Grave," Washington Whispers, January 21]. In the sad business of telling the ugly truth about how animals are treated, PETA manages to make me smile. The didactic grave stone may seem politically incorrect to the cemetery's management, but billions of suffering birds are cheering for PETA.

Patti Breitman

Fairfax , Ca lif.  

It is a given fact that the Boll Weevil Eradication Program was the culprit for the destruction of many good insects ["Bee Buzz Grows; Help Is on the Way," Washington Whispers, January 21]. The first year the program was in force here in Runnels County, Texas our cotton was sprayed area wide with malathion. It killed ladybugs by the millions. I had several beehives, malathion killed most of them. The reason was the bees were out in the field of cotton making their collection to make honey. Now we are plagued with wild bees everywhere. Maybe we should be paid for the loss we incurred by the spraying of our cotton in the first year of the program. True it killed the weevil but at what cost to good insects, people and the environment?

Sealy Bryan

Winters, Texas