Quotes of 2007

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I loved Mort Zuckerman's editorial "What They Should Have Said" [January 14], giving his one-liner offerings to famous, mainly political notables.

What a humorous, creative, clever and intelligent insight he has. Would he consider running for President?

Sherry Scrivani

Tustin , Calif.  

Of the 30 or so quotes done by Zuckerman one stood out as the most pathetic. It is the John Bolton imaginary of the United Nations by likening it to foghorns preventing fog. Once again the boorish Bolton doesn't get it and displays his neocon credentials at cute obtuseness. Please someone tell the bellicose cold warrior that the horns are not for the fog.

Thomas F. Bresnahan

Burr Ridge , Ill.  

All hail and praise Zuckerman for you're his apt and funny "Unsaid Quotes" editorial. It brings to mind a real quote from the past year (and goes for '08, too). It comes from former Speaker Newt Gingrich when he appeared at the National Press Club; the appearance airing August 8, 2007 on C-Span. Here he defined the Presidential Campaign as being a mixture of "The Bachelor, American Idol, and Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" Maybe the next move in the electoral procedure will be "Vote 4" numbers, rather than messy chads.

Judith B. Lockey

Sparta , N . C .