Albright Incites


In "Cleaning Up a Foreign Policy Mess" [January 14], the always amazing Madeleine Albright laments President Bush's "preemptive" foreign policy style, but when asked what she would have done differently during the Clinton administration, she states that "the main thing that I regret was during [my] U.N. time-Rwanda. I wish we had gone into Bosnia earlier."

Isn't she saying the Clinton administration should have been "preemptive" in their foreign policy? I'm choking on the irony.

Mark Hinricksen

Marysville , Washington  

Madeleine Albright's disastrous appeasement approach to foreign policy indirectly led to the vicious attacks on our country on September 11. Why was it OK to go into Bosnia and not into Iraq - a far more strategically important regime to overthrow? Her credibility is sorely lacking.

John Bezel

Tucson , Ariz.  

Considering the total mess this president has made of our nation's foreign policy, and reputation, the title, "The Stakes Abroad Go Even Higher," [January 14] is an understatement. If Bush is serious about salvaging his legacy, he may want to turn the page and read the "Cleaning Up a Foreign Policy Mess." If he is serious about actually doing something constructive in foreign policy during his remaining months, he may even want to read Albright's new book, Memo to the President Elect: How we Can Restore America's Reputation and Leadership.

Maj. Dorian de Wind

USA F (Ret.)