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January 2008

More About Corn (continued)

As a farmer, I took great offense to your "50 Ways to Improve Your Life" and "Try to Cut Back on Corn."

Your information had some anti-agriculture slants to it.  I think that if you will do a bit more research, you will find that the most important reason for the largest corn harvest on record is ...

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Improvement Inspiration

"Warm Up to Geothermal" was like a breath of (cheap) fresh air ["50 Ways to Improve Your Life," Dec. 31, 2007-Jan. 7, 2008].

When I recently built my new home in Oregon, I planned for geothermal because there was only electricity available where I was building, and I had the space for a ground loop.

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America Needs Organs

"Whole organ decellurization" raises the hope of someday eliminating the shortage of human organs for transplant operations ["Biotechnology Builds a New Heart," usnews.com].

Unfortunately, people who need transplants today literally can't afford to wait for scientific advancement. Over half of the ...

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A Religious Revival

Thank you for the cover story "A Return to Tradition" [Dec. 24, 2007].

In Roman Catholic worship, instead of a return to tradition, it is really an embrace of nostalgia—turning the theological and liturgical clock back 50 or 60 years to what some think was a simpler, holier era. In truth, the ...

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Dealing With Depression

After reading the first paragraph of "Get Healthier and Happier" [Dec. 24, 2007], I thought it was the first article that expressed a true understanding of depression.

The article refers to several complex theories and treatments of depression. It seems that hospitals, psychiatrists, and researchers ...

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Wartime Sacrifices

I read with interest the commentary by Rick Atkinson "Same Holiday, Different War" [Dec. 24, 2007].

My son is currently in Iraq. He did not spend the holidays with his wife or participate in holiday traditions. Recently, he sent us an E-mail informing us of the deaths of four of his fellow soldiers.

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Mortgage Malaise

As I read "At the Mercy of the Market" [Dec. 24, 2007], I tried to have sympathy for the individuals in situations created by others.

I suggest that Randy Sullivan and his daughter use a more conservative approach if they ever buy another home and that they pay particular attention to the fine print ...

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Filling in the Blanks

Your December 17 article "Like Father, Like Candidate" discussed presidential candidates' ideals and ambitions shaped by their dads.

I would have been interested in stories about Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich. What about Mike Huckabee? I am sure he had a father. I think it is early in the ...

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Rehab and Re-entry

"The Ex-Con Next Door" [December 17] discussed the issue of inmates returning to society and recidivism.

Only when the larger business community understands its role and the potential benefits of employing convicts will the issue really be addressed. In our experience of giving people a second ...

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Considering Medical Careers

Including physicians and medical scientists as "overrated careers" is disappointing ["The Most Overrated Careers, usnews.com].

Physicians and medical scientists choose their careers with an eye toward making a difference in peoples' lives. They are inspired by the powerful truth that the public ...

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On Babies and Borders

"Baby Nation" [usnews.com] says that the US immigrant-driven birth rate has increased "without any push from the government."

By refusing to enforce immigration laws for decades, the government has encouraged illegal immigration, which in turn increases the birth rate. After ticking off just a few ...

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High School Evaluations

U.S.News & World Report should be commended for the intricate methodology it used to identify the most successful high schools in the United States ["America's Best High Schools," December 10].

However, I believe the last step of your ranking formula, college readiness, missed a key variable that ...

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College Aid for the Needy

It is a sad indicator of American greed when wealthy individuals not only seek out but also accept college financial aid intended for the disadvantaged ["Financial Aid for the Rich," November 26-December 3].

I am appalled at the willingness of the wealthy to trample upon the poorer members of our ...

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Iraq: Too Little, Too Late

"The Culture Warriors" [December 10] makes it sound like a revelation to realize that if you want to occupy a country, you need to know something about its culture.

In fact, it's so basic as to be self-evident, but it dawned on our leaders about five years too late. If we had had some understanding ...

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