Wartime Sacrifices


I read with interest the commentary by Rick Atkinson "Same Holiday, Different War" [Dec. 24, 2007].

My son is currently in Iraq. He did not spend the holidays with his wife or participate in holiday traditions. Recently, he sent us an E-mail informing us of the deaths of four of his fellow soldiers. The sacrifice of our soldiers in uniform today is no less than soldiers of wars past. Yet this war is different in that there is no shared sacrifice of the American people. Imagine the result of a country that supported this war in World War II fashion. Young men lining up at the recruiter's office, automobile production reduced to produce safer vehicles for our soldiers, a plan similar to the Marshall Plan to turn Iraq into a thriving economy. When America goes to war, the whole country needs to go to war.

Greg Stuart

Hyrum , Utah  

"Same Holiday, Different War" brought back many memories. It mentioned the 1943 Christmas season in Italy and the 36th Infantry Division. I served with the 36th in Africa, Italy, the invasion of southern France, and Germany. Some people think war in Italy started on D-Day.

Harold Enstice

Clarence , N.Y.