Mortgage Malaise


As I read "At the Mercy of the Market" [Dec. 24, 2007], I tried to have sympathy for the individuals in situations created by others.

I suggest that Randy Sullivan and his daughter use a more conservative approach if they ever buy another home and that they pay particular attention to the fine print before signing anything. They might consider hiring an attorney to provide advice before making such a major purchase.

Thomas Cihowiak

Oshkosh , Wis.  

Nobody should feel sorry for or try to help those who loaned money to folks who clearly could not afford the home they bought, speculated on a seemingly forever hot market, or signed for 13.5 percent mortgage rates. However, I have trouble believing from the graph that a 1.2 percent rise in home mortgage defaults over two years can bring the financial market to its knees. What are they not telling us?

Robert Brems

Coshocton , Ohio