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December 2007

War Stories

"War: the Box Office Bomb" [November 26-December 3] asked why America hasn't shown more interest in the spate of antiwar movies.

And it answers authoritatively that "Americans don't want to think about the subject." Says who? Perhaps Americans, those who support the war and those who don't, feel ...

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Direction Distraction

While "A Driving Sense of Direction" [November 26-December 3] presented a primer on GPS navigation devices, the accompanying photo makes it seem ok for a driver to plot a destination while his or her car is in motion.

Driver inattention is the leading factor in most crashes and near-crashes,

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Lawyers With an Edge

In "The Revolt of the Lawyers" [November 26-December 3], Prof. Walter Andersen of Johns Hopkins University makes the assertion that "It is somewhat unique in the world where you have the legal profession become the cutting edge. They are often not the most revolutionary types."

Of course, actual ...

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Looking for Leaders

After reading the November 19 issue, "America's Best Leaders 2007," I was very inspired!

It was a "good news" issue, highlighting some very impressive leaders whom we do not hear much about. It is easy to see why they are so effective. They all have a cause to believe in and wholeheartedly devote ...

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Age of Aquarius Redux

It was the arrogance and smug self-satisfaction of the "greatest generation" against which my generation of the '60s rebelled ["Looking Back on a Long, Strange Trip," November 19].

We lived in a world of arcane rules and beliefs based on fears for safety and codes of behavior for children primarily ...

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Immigration Frustration

In "The Dems' Immigration Dilemma" [November 19] Gloria Borger stated that Democrats are debating how to handle "benefits for illegal immigrants."

Illegal immigration is a completely separate issue from immigration. I was reared in liberal Connecticut but now live in conservative Arizona. This issue ...

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Best High Schools Changes

Because of a calculation error, "America's Best High Schools" [December 10] mistakenly lists Montpelier High School in Vermont as the fifth-best public high school in the nation. Newly available data place the International School of Bellevue, Wash., as the No. 5 school. The error occurred in the ...

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Classroom Controversy

Remember when new math, phonics, and rote learning were in vogue? These flawed systems fell by the wayside, just as the No Child Left Behind program will also fade away ["Room to Improve," November 12].

Schools are microcosms of society, and in the real world, individuals are required to be ...

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Mormon Faith Debate

"The Mormon Way" [November 12] interview with Mormon Church Elder M. Russell Ballard about matters of general interest and controversial aspects of the faith was enlightening.

At its conclusion, when the question was asked if presidential candidate Mitt Romney had sought the church's advice in any ...

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Plan for the Golden Years

"Taking Care of Your Parents" [November 12] was excellent.

I would like to add my own experience, since it may be helpful to other seniors. I am a 92-year-old retired university professor who had been teaching until a few years ago. My wife suffers from Alzheimer's disease. My most urgent piece of ...

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