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"War: the Box Office Bomb" [November 26-December 3] asked why America hasn't shown more interest in the spate of antiwar movies.

And it answers authoritatively that "Americans don't want to think about the subject." Says who? Perhaps Americans, those who support the war and those who don't, feel these movies are harmful to our troops and provide aid and comfort to our enemies. Perhaps Americans choose not to support the movies whatever their personal politics. After all, this is the first time antiwar movies were ever released while our soldiers were at war. And perhaps America's apathy looks to many of us like old-fashioned patriotism.

Bert W. Zahn

Twinsburg, Ohio  

Why should people spend good money at the box office on movies about Iraq or Afghanistan when they see the wars on TV constantly? Remember Vietnam was called the living-room war? People saw week-old films from Vietnam on the three networks. Thankfully there was no cnn. I am glad my family did not see me getting shot full of holes in 'Nam. War is a dirty business. People at home do not need to see everything that goes on in war on their screens.

Haden C. White

Homewood, Ala.  

War should never be glorified anyplace in the world or in movies. War is a major consequence of human failings and should be engaged in only as an absolute last resort. Most Americans are sick and tired of the long, ongoing war in Iraq and don't want to be entertained by war movies.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.

Louisville, Ky.