Coming to a Decision on Circumcision


By supporting circumcision ["Don't Be Scared to Circumcise Your Baby Boy,"], Bernadine Healy M.D. has let cultural bias cloud her scientific judgment.

The bottom line is that no medical organization in the world approves of routine infant circumcision. The ridged bands of the inner foreskin, which contain all the sensitive nerve endings, are amputated at circumcision. Circumcision makes the boy more sensitive to pain later in life.

George C. Denniston M.D.

Doctors Opposing Circumcision
Via e-mail  

I read with interest your report in the health section on male circumcision. Of course there are many anti-circumcision groups on the internet, however there are also a few very good pro-circumcision sites. One is: Discussion of both sides of the issue is allowed. Many adult males not circumcised at birth are opting for the surgery.

William LaBarr

Boynton Beach , Fla.