More Than a Memorial


Why would anyone think of building a Vietnam veterans visitors' center for the Vietnam Memorial ["A Milestone for a Memorial That Has Touched Millions," November 12]?

The wall is the visitors' center. What other monument draws us to it and causes us to weep and leave mementos? The names on the wall are those of real people who lived and affected us. I have visited the wall each time I've been to Washington, D.C. A visitors' center would only detract from this marvelous piece of history.

Flora Goldman
Norfolk, Va.  

It escapes my sense of logic as a Vietnam veteran that 1 cent would be spent on a memorial to anyone before the vets are taken care of.

Jeff Trask
Dennisport, Mass.  

Not mentioned among the items left at the Vietnam War Memorial was Charles Liteky's Medal of Honor. A former Roman Catholic priest who saved 20 men in Vietnam in 1967, Liteky relinquished his medal at the memorial in 1986 in protest of the government's involvement in Central America.

John C. Jacques
Abingdon, Md.