Troubles With Turkey

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Kudos to Mortimer B. Zuckerman for "The Wrong Time to Rile Turkey" [October 29].

As a lifelong Democrat, I am appalled that Congress, instead of standing up to President Bush, stopping the war in Iraq, and bringing the troops home, is using valuable legislative time on moralistic relativism. Perhaps it's time to take another look at the congressional leadership and make changes before the voters make them in 2008. No wonder the public view of Congress is even below that of an abysmal president.

Donald J. Skillin

Indiana, Pa.  

It should be apparent by now that the Democratic leadership in Congress does not care about our relations with Turkey or the safety and welfare of our troops in the field. Its major concern is embarrassing President Bush and regaining political power at any cost, even if it means undermining our troops and losing the war in Iraq. Just ask Harry Reid. Of course, the news media are assisting Congress in this effort.

Pete Budding

American Canyon, Calif.  

There is no need for the suggested "joint international commission with access to archives" to resolve whether there indeed was a genocide of the Armenians in what is now Turkey. I need look no further than the decimation of two families, those of my mother and father, two survivors. The military usefulness of Turkey to the United States cannot be denied. But the inhumane acts of the Ottoman Empire cannot be denied either.

Elizabeth Aprahamian

Southfield, Mich.