Ending Politics As Usual

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Regarding "Can Washington Be Fixed?" [October 29]: Yes, Washington can be fixed.

The first step is to change how we finance our elections. Elected officials govern to please those who financed their last election campaign and will fund their next election campaign, too, if the elected official has been looking out for their interests. Before we ever again have a chance at government of the people, by the people, and for the people, we will need to change to public financing of elections.

Gus Delaloye

Murphy, Texas  

What was not mentioned about the circumstances the president might be facing in the next 15 months was that George W. Bush is directly responsible for these circumstances. Thanks to the Republican Party and corporate America, our country is facing a very steep hill to climb and a very large hole to get out of at the taxpayers' expense. Even our grandchildren will have to suffer.

Joe McDowell

Pegram, Tenn.  

Not only is the future of our country in the hands of our politicians but also the future of the world as we know it. We are not looking at what is good for the whole nation, but instead we are selfishly looking at special interests, which are slowly but surely destroying us. A simple example of this trend is the failure of the government to establish a national health program. Washington can be saved if we take a moment to honestly look at what we are doing to ourselves and the lack of our problem-solving. I am frightened by what I see.

Michael H. Jones

Port Huron, Mich.  

Your excellent article accurately described what most of us feel today. It is indeed time for a big change. We all have the means to fix the problems with our government: the ballot box. Vote all incumbents out of office in November 2008 without exception. Then after we have elected a new Congress, amend our Constitution to place term limits on all officeholders. Given the current dissatisfaction with our national affairs, this seems entirely feasible.

Walter Maschmeyer

Longmont, Colo.