Affordable Housing

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"The Saving Grace For Older Women" [October 29] was right on target.

I am 65, widowed for 10 years, did not get a good education, and am not highly marketable. I do get widows' benefits from Social Security, but it is a challenge to live on that amount. I supplement it by babysitting. One of my children helped me purchase a small townhouse (1,000 square feet) so I have a reasonable mortgage, less than what rent would be. I really do not need all the space I have, but to rent a one-bedroom apartment would actually cost more. I have written to influential people in North Carolina hoping to get someone to see the need for reasonably priced small units for senior women. Even the units that Habitat for Humanity builds for seniors are similar in size to what I have and cost as much as I am paying now. Thank you again for pointing out this interesting challenge.

Toni Cordell

Charlotte, N.C.