Roles, Rescue, and Reality


Regarding Pulitzer Prize-winning author Susan Faludi and "Post 9/11, a More Macho America" [October 22]: Who can make a woman into Doris Day, except under conditions of abuse or slavery?

Who are the leaders and media who are attempting to do this? Sitcoms are filled with wisecracking females, clearly in charge. And anger in women on tv is usually portrayed as a management skill. As for the "Let's roll" comment, I get a lump in my throat remembering the source. Faludi finds persecution under every rock. There are many men in this world who are enslaved to menial and demeaning jobs because of responsibility; women, too. There are many men who foster and support the independence of their wives and daughters. Many boys are in need of help, too. Who are these damsels in distress that Faludi is referring to? Young women today are drinking beer out of the bottle, just like men, bragging about hookups, leaving their babies to go to war, and of all the women serving, her only example is Jessica Lynch.

Elizabeth Kerrigan

Burbank, Calif.  

September 11 was a national tragedy, not just another moment in the history of gender politics. The "brave and capable man" coming to the rescue isn't a myth; it's reality. A lot of men have died trying to protect us in the aftermath of this catastrophe. Maybe Faludi can find something to do other than dishonor their memories.

Al DeMaris

Maumee, Ohio