Democratic Darling?

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Hillary Clinton on the U.S. News cover followed by a seven-page dissertation of her hard knocks and lessons learned was fascinating ["A Learning Experience," October 8].

That, coupled with NBC's Meet the Press segment featuring Tim Russert interviewing Bill Clinton about Hillary's campaign and Hillary's appearance on the show, suggests that the media have found their darling for 2008.

Gary H. Boyd

Scottsdale , Ariz.  

Regardless of her past performances, Hillary Clinton has matured politically as a senator. The other Democrats and Republicans in the race who are trying to get the nation's top job are not competent. Clinton and her advisers are doing an effective job of changing her image.

Dante Antonacci

Augusta , Ga.  

I am disappointed to see Hillary Clinton on the cover of U.S. News followed a week later by a blurb in Washington Whispers about Wesley Clark's endorsement ["Hillary, of Course, Says Wes Clark," October 15]. The mainstream media have all but anointed the Clinton clan as the Democratic Party's nominee before a single vote has been cast. How about giving equal press time to candidates Bill Richardson, Christopher Dodd, Joe Biden, and Dennis Kucinich? Each has a more impressive résumé than those of the "top tier" candidates combined.

Andrew Danzig

Woodbridge , Conn.