NYC Schools Success

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"Changing Direction" [October 1] about remarkable success in certain New York City public schools puts to rest two pervasive myths: that all news is bad and that throwing money at social problems can never lead to positive change.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's savvy channeling of funds with the help of the Gates Foundation and the Broad Foundation has enabled many schools to move forward. However, you should explore other schools with ancient administrators, to whom academic improvement means how orderly lines are at fire drills, or with their novice principals, who, despite the nyc chancellor's Leadership Acad-emy, still advocate the straitjacket approach to teaching rather than creative, compassionate, and inspiring education in their schools.

James Sentma

Lake Ronkonkoma, N.Y.  

If President Bush wants a lasting legacy for America, let him back having the government build 435 free public high schools of science, one in each congressional district, 63 per year for seven years. We can afford the cost of about $5 billion per year, and high-technology companies would help these schools in many ways.

Howard Greyber

San Jose, Calif.