Feedback from U.S. News Fans

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Last week I sent for a subscription to U.S.News & World Report after many years of having let my previous subscription lapse.

I subscribe to U.S. News because the magazine focuses on, as you say, "news you can use"—as opposed to the tabloid mentality on reporting that is so prevalent in today's culture. I particularly enjoy your issues on topics such as science & technology, the environment, faith & spirituality, and retirement planning. Please don't lose the qualities that make U.S. News & World Report different (and better) than other news magazines.

Paul Winters

Framingham , M ass.  

U.S.News & World Report is the most educative, informative and classical news magazine I have ever read. I look forward to every edition of the magazine. Your coverage of world news and political issues is highly commendable.

Zubby Obi Azuka

Roselle , N . J .