The Influence of Israel

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How can George Shultz write acommentary of considerable length about "The 'Israel Lobby' Myth" [September 17] and not mention the American Israel Public Affairs Committee?

I look at this organization's website frequently. AIPAC's stranglehold on Congress is no secret. While I'm in favor of financial aid to Israel, I draw the line when it comes to America's blood and treasure. Shultz's statement that "Israel and its supporters have the right to try to influence U.S. policy" is hogwash. Israel is a foreign country and should stay out of the affairs of the American people.

Rosalind Ellis


I want to give a big thank you to Shultz for his very informative commentary. He explained very concisely why the United States supports Israel. All of the myths about Israel that he exposed are just that: "myths."

Helen Reiter

Northridge, Calif.  

There can be no moral justification for what Israel has done or is doing to the Palestinians. It is to the shame of the United States that we have not had the courage to prevent the decimation of the Palestinians and their land, allowing the building of a wall to separate farmers from their land, children from their schools, and the sick from hospitals. Whether U.S. support for Israel is the result of an Israel lobby or not, such support is misplaced and has earned the United States the enmity of many. We need the courage to reexamine our policies.

C. Virginia Finn


No one should question theright of Israel to exist in territory they have occupied since 1948. One can question, however, why America, over the past 50 years, has given Israel foreign aid that amounts to billions. Let's take care of Americans first and improve our schools, roads, bridges, and hospitals.

David Hester

Littleton, Colo.  

U.S. support of Israel should be the same as it is for any other group or country. If it is in the right, support it. If the country is in error, oppose it. That ought to be the one and only criterion for support or opposition of any and all countries.

L. E. Miles

Independence, Mo.