Rebuilding the Big Easy

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"To recover and rebuild their beloved New Orleans, [residents] will ultimately need to pull themselves together and do the job themselves" was a superb conclusion to "Down and Out in New Orleans" [One Week, September 10].

In the same issue, White House Week features a picture of President Bush embracing New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin like a long-lost child. Treating the downtrodden as children will not solve their problems; only mature, responsible actions will.

John Brett

Albuquerque, N.M.  

I'm sure the Vietnamese residents who rebuilt their "all but submerged 'Little Saigon' neighborhood" in New Orleans didn't arrive with suitcases or pockets full of cash. Many of us are looking for someone else to bail us out of our troubles when we should be doing it ourselves. Perhaps New Orleans should look to the Vietnamese for leadership.

Howard W. Briggs

Richland, Mich.