Miner Disaster Relief


"Hidden Costs of a Plentiful Resource" [September 3] was a heartbreaker.

I feel very deeply for the survivors of the men lost in the Utah mine collapse. It seems the owner, Robert Murray, with his experience as an executive in the mine business, had to have known that workers were being sent into dangerous territory. He blamed an earthquake for the disaster, but the evidence speaks for itself. The relatives of the miners who lost their lives should never have to work another day in their lives. Murray should pay compensation to those left behind. The only way some lessons are learned is with a huge fine.

Alice Dartt

Samson, Ala.  

"Hidden Costs of a Plentiful Resource" stated that we have enough coal for 240 years. There is enough coal in Alaska to supply the United States for a lot longer than 240 years. At the present usage, there might be enough coal to last for 1,000 years just waiting to be recovered.

John A. Schaeffner

Wasilla, Alaska