Ebb and Flow of Edwards Support


Enough with the John Edwards pieces ["A Populist in the Heartland," August 27].

Edwards and his ilk haven't learned from the past that poverty cannot be eliminated through social engineering and handouts. The welfare state creates a permanent subclass at the expense of others. It's time that those who really wish to help the poor address the underlying causes: individual behavior, poor education, and culture. Guilty, rich liberals like Edwards do great harm to society. One need only look at the failed experiments of the past, including housing projects, to see the folly of throwing money at a problem. It's much harder to actually do something useful and teach basic skills.

Todd Thuss

Huntsville, Ala.  

In "A Populist in the Heartland," you portray a true leader and an individual of honest background and a mind for the future. John Edwards is what we must have to survive in this world. Edwards would make a good leader or even secretary of state!

Charles Greene

Palestine, Texas