Reads for the Race

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For comparisons, "Campaign Bookmarks" [August 13-20] really performed a valuable public service by better acquainting readers and voters with books by and about candidates in the 2008 presidential race.

Some second-tier candidates actually produced as much written material as those judged to belong to the first tier. However, one should examine the subject matter of each to determine the overall importance of the messages. Is it of greater concern to concentrate more heavily on one's personal life or to give deeper thought to world problems? Then too, who has wider experience in dealing with serious conflicts that affect all of us as a nation? One should read carefully about the strong points and shortcomings of the individual candidates.

Walter H. Mayer Jr.

Bozeman, Mont.  

Mitt Romney was plainly poised to win and won the Republican straw poll in Iowa. Since he is consistently in the Republican candidates' top tier, how could you have dismissed A Mormon in the White House?: 10 Things Every American Should Know About Mitt Romney, Hugh Hewitt's book on him? Was your omission deliberate, or just negligent?

Michael Curry

Bryn Mawr, Pa.