Focus on Best Colleges

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In looking over the rankings of "America's Best Colleges" [August 27], it is not difficult to discern why tuition costs are so high.

In the first 10 ranked Best National Universities, there is 1 faculty person for each 3 to 8 students. In the days of railroading this was called featherbedding. What a small percentage of a student's tuition must pay for the actual function of teaching.

Charles Henning

Belle Mead, N.J.  

"Learning with a Difference" shed light on learning disabilities, not nearly so visible a generation ago. I'm pleased that learning-disabled college students can, thanks to legally required accommodations, complete their coursework and graduate. How about a follow-up article further exploring how those affected are able to independently deal with their LD after graduation and attain success in their chosen fields?

George Ferencz

Whitewater, Wis.  

The cover photograph of Columbia University student Samantha Feingold at her commencement is what photography is all about. A perfect picture and moment captured to admire and enjoy for all time. Glad I didn't miss it.

Robert Loughbom

Lenexa, Kan.  

Enough already with yet another issue devoted to college-related matters. You clearly have made this the primary focus of your magazine.

John Leger

Leominster, Mass.