China Trade


Kudos on China's "Olympic Greed" [August 27].

So "China is keen to show herself to the world"? Only problem is the more it does, the worse it looks. Whether currency devaluations to dump cheap junk into our markets, poison pet food, or killer car tires, China's greed is dangerous. Worst of all, many political leaders are quick to jump on the bamboo bandwagon and proclaim China our ally. One thing not found there is freedom and respect for human rights or dignity. In its total disregard for these basic components of a civilized society, China is, at least, consistent.

Carlos A. Sanchez

Coral Gables, Fla.  

"Olympic Greed" should be mandatory reading for all Americans doing business with China. The very charge that the Chinese are guilty of greed cannot be made without also accusing American manufacturers and businesses of the same. We are all equally guilty. Sending business to China to save a buck or two should be stopped. That should be the policy on all foreign trade.

R. E. McCue

Montgomery, Ala.  

While reading "Olympic Greed" on Chinese government corruption, I realized I could be reading about corruption in U.S.-occupied Iraq or the response to Hurricane Katrina. How about publishing a sequel on corruption in Iraq and in the Gulf Coast states where bundles of U.S. tax dollars have disappeared into thin air?

Larry Dennison

Port Townsend, Wash.