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August 2007

A Year to Remember

I enjoyed your August 13-20 issue, especially the feature on the "Mighty Mac" bridge connecting the Upper and Lower peninsulas of Michigan ["Spanning a State"].

I traveled on the auto ferries several times as a boy before the bridge was built: quite an adventure. The longest traffic backups at the ...

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In the article "Makenna's Heart" [September 3], it was stated that detaching one of two large veins to the heart and reconnecting it elsewhere placed more of a burden on the heart's right side; rather, it reduced the burden.

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Successful Investing

As a happy owner of stock in Berkshire Hathaway, I enjoyed reading your articles on Warren Buffett ["How to Make Money the Buffett Way," August 6].

But you missed the core of his methods. Buffett notes in an annual report that the secret is to use other people's money without borrowing it. The core ...

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Elusive Ways of the CIA

Regarding "Beyond the CIA's Veil" [August 6], the interview with Tim Weiner, and his historical book about the CIA, Legacy of Ashes: I'd like to refer to Merle Miller's interview book with Harry Truman, Plain Speaking: An Oral Biography of Harry S. Truman.

Truman was quoted as saying that the ...

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U.S. Mind-Set

In "Our National Funk" [August 6], Michael Barone spins the Pew Global Attitudes Project poll into a partisan issue.

So "almost all" the Democrats are unhappy about the nation's future, and the country should be kvelling that we have not repeated 9/11 and the economy is growing? Reality tells us ...

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Economic Anxiety

In "The Golden Age is Ending," Zuckerman is overly pessimistic when he concludes that "We are no longer as dominant in the world's economy as we were. Everybody's lives will be affected by that."

No doubt economies in countries like China and India are growing at rates of 10 percent, posing a ...

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The China Challenge

China today proves to be a charade centered on massive overpopulation and pollution few in the West understand ["China's Global Reach," August 6].

I've traveled all over China. Seventy percent of its rivers suffer pollution, as many cities pump raw sewage into them. Those rivers are not fit for ...

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A Story With (Purple) Heart

Regarding "Photo Gallery: Purple Heart" [usnews.com ]: To each of the 20 soldiers from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom that received Purple Hearts - congratulations!

I personally salute you for a job well done in earning - your Purple Heart. How appropriate, furthermore, that ...

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The YouTube Debates

I think the YouTube debates were a success because they presented a new and interesting format for political discussion which relies on public participation ["Debates Stir Debate on Their Value," usnews.com].

However, as unique and original as some of the questions were I think many important issues ...

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You Are Who You're With

The New England Journal of Medicine study only studied half of the possible equation in stating that people who socialize with fat people stand a 57 percent chance of becoming fat themselves ["If Your Friends Are Fat, Watch Out," usnews.com].

Could it also be true that fat people who socialize with ...

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Building Better Brains

Thank you for your article on the positive impact of sports on the academic outcome of girls ["Racing to a Degree," August 6].

It made the important point that sports can help students develop, through practice, goal-oriented behavior. However, sports may also help academic performance in another ...

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Motown Woes to Wins

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick couldn't have stated the major problem facing the city any better than when he said: "We've got to get off our asses and stop being so woe-is-me" ["Summer in the City," July 23-30].

If you want to foster progress, you've got to change your attitude. Be part of the ...

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A Religious Perspective

In "Debating Debates" [August 6], you warned us that we have at least 17 more debates coming at us from our political leaders.

It's too bad we can't have just one serious debate from our religious leaders: the pope, grand imam, chief rabbi, etc. They could discuss whether God, Allah, or Yahweh is ...

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Terrorist Professionals

After reading "A Higher Degree of Terror" [July 16], I experienced a disheartening reality.

No more is it people in ramshackle huts executing suicide missions. My belief had been that this type of action is bred of hopelessness. A person envisions his suicide mission advancing a particular cause. An ...

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Nit-Picking Romney

In "Traction Where It Counts" [July 16], the Q&A with Mitt Romney, Romney states that Hillary Clinton would return this country "toward big government and big taxes and Big Brother."

Our current president has al ready given us two out of the three. Also, in answering the question about how he would ...

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Securing the Nation

It is remarkable that Mortimer B. Zuckerman, on a regular basis, can speak to the current danger regarding radical Islamists and yet write an editorial without giving credit to the achievements of our commander in chief even once ["Putting Safety First," July 16].

He mentions the fact that "we have ...

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An Unheard Loss

"Stop the Decibel Damage" [July 16] struck a deep chord with me.

I have a 105-dB loss in each ear. It has been a quiet world for me for more than 40 years as a disabled veteran of the Korean conflict. I was exposed to severe cannon, grenades, and gunfire for an extended period of time and had ...

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Fairness in Education

There is no question that past societal discrimination occurred in the United States, and perhaps the only ap propriate remedy was affirmative action ["Taking a New Course in Class," July 16].

However, this policy has outlived its purpose. Time is overdue to stop rewarding underachieving individuals ...

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Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

Regarding "You May Not Be Alone" [July 16]: bed-bugs may carry no serious disease as you state in your story, but they certainly cause itching for weeks and months.

I had them for about three months, causing itching everywhere and leaving scars on my chest, back, and upper arms. They may be ...

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Of Perspectives and Parallels

Michael Barone had an interesting perspective in "Two Troublesome Powers" [July 16].

A delusional and unpredictable foreign policy, consolidation of power in the executive branch, sycophantic courts, and the suppression of citizens' rights is his description of our on again-off again allies from ...

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The Key to Weight-Loss Success

I read "The Oldest Diet Plan" [July 16] with interest.

It's a fine article; however, it leaves out the key word, want. Without that one word in mind, willpower is only a band-aid. If you truly want to lose weight, quit smoking, or stop drinking, etc., you will. You can do anything as long as you ...

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Cuban Missile Crisis Redux?

"The Axis of Braggadocio" [July 16] carried a two-page spread of Venezuela's Hugo Chávez visiting President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran.

Recall that Ahmadinejad not long ago visited Chávez in Venezuela, and this is Chávez's third trip to Iran. Is all this prelude to ...

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