Securing the Nation

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It is remarkable that Mortimer B. Zuckerman, on a regular basis, can speak to the current danger regarding radical Islamists and yet write an editorial without giving credit to the achievements of our commander in chief even once ["Putting Safety First," July 16].

He mentions the fact that "we have not had a catastrophic attack since 9/11" and talks about how "our intelligence services have pre-empted plotters" as if it is happening without an overarching strategy, creative tactics, a reasonably sound structure, and a heck of a lot of executive secrecy. He talks about the maddening hypocrisy of the suicide bomber but fails to communicate that our president has drawn a clear line at the beginning of our battle. Time passes, and Americans have been lulled into comfort because of our safety track record over the past six years. Our enemies have achieved a key goal. They have separated the general public and its representatives from the one man who has been highly effective in the job of defending all Americans. Sadly, Zuckerman's omission demonstrates that fact all too well.

Stewart Bolno

Mount Laurel , N.J.  

I think Zuckerman has finally hit on two things we seem to forget: Radical Islamic values are not consistent with most people's way of life and revise the notion that everyone who enters our country should be treated as a U.S. citizen.

Joe Hornat

Oro Valley , Ariz.  

"Putting Safety First" means not attacking countries without provocation and under false pretenses; finding intelligent alternatives to dealing with terrorism other than wiping out innocent civilians; and reinforcing the principles of a democratic society, the things that made America great and admired throughout the civilized world so that the global community is on our side. If our tradition of free speech is to be adjusted, start with U.S. News.

Michael Valente

Laguna Beach , Calif.  

My only response to Zuckerman's "Putting Safety First" is to recall a quote by Benjamin Franklin: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

David M. Ahrens

West Plains , Mo.