Party Neutral

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Your report on the Democratic Party's outreach to Catholics provided interesting insights about how both major political parties seek the support of religious groups ["Democrats Set Their Sights on Winning Back Catholics," July 2-9].

Because our organization was mentioned in the article, we want to make it clear that we have always worked with both parties and maintain a strictly nonpartisan stance. Since our founding by 47 Catholic sisters in 1971, we have lobbied, organized, and educated for social justice. When lobbying Congress, we have consistently sought to engage leadership on both sides of the aisle for the benefit of those who live in economic poverty. We have also encouraged thousands of voters to question candidates about their positions on issues like poverty, healthcare, and a federal budget that addresses human needs and to consider their responses as they go to the polls. We have never suggested that they vote for one party or the other. We believe that civic engagement is an important component of our faith life and that voting is one way each of us can make a difference. It's not the party but the candidate's commitment to justice that really matters.

Sister Simone Campbell

Executive Director Mary T. Yelenick

Chair, Board of Directors
Washington , D.C.