Weighing in on Water

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I read the article about our water situation ["Water Woes," June 4]. It was interesting and well researched, but only one sentence about desalination?

There is really a need to be using our knowledge to accomplish this. If we start using the ocean water, perhaps our coastlines will be safer as well.

Marie D. Oslund

Black Hawk, S.D.  

Regarding "Water Woes," billions of gallons of water could be saved by a simple change in the valves on showers. In every hotel, motel and most homes, the full volume of water must be turned on to achieve the desired temperature. In my home, I have insisted on a valve which separately regulates the mix of hot and cold water, and then you can shower at a much lower water volume. There is a higher initial cost, but years of savings.

James D. Wright

Lake Havasu City , Ariz.  

Your excellent article, Water Woes pointed out a very serious world problem. A national water carrier that moves water from water-rich areas to water-poor areas could solve some of the problem in the U.S. This year we had severe drought in one area while simultaneously experiencing water flooding in another. Israel has had such a carrier, which moves water 500 miles, from the Sea of Galilee to the arid southern part of the country, since 1955.

Milton J. Rosen

Great Neck, N.Y.  

I wholeheartedly support your efforts toward a more ecosystem-friendly approach in the conduction of your business ["From the Editor," June 4]. The final product, the magazine, looks just fine and any diminution in paper reflectivity or other qualities is trivial. As for longevity, I would imagine few people save their issues for very long, so that wouldn't be a significant factor.

Robert C. Walsh

Via e-mail  

I think what you are doing in regard to the paper and energy consumption of your business is very commendable and I applaud your actions. I only wish that more big businesses were proponents of the same outlook and forethought that yours shows here. If we are not all thinking ahead, acting with responsible stewardship, and trying to hand down a world to our children that they will love as much as some of their parents do. Then we will be, as Bret Schulte commented in "Putting a Price on Pollution" [May 14], "cooking the planet."

Sean Flynn

Bloomington , M inn.