Letters and Comments

July 2007

Body Not By Design

"Injury-Free Workouts" [June 25] says that "humans weren't designed to be sedentary." I'd like to note that we weren't designed to be active either, as humans weren't designed at all!

Science overwhelming supports evolution and although a minor detail, ever word is important, or so Strunk and White ...

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Summer Trip Tips

Your analysis of the problems at U.S. airports was thoughtful, well presented and thought provoking ["Summer Air Travel Survival Guide," June 18].

My response to the mess at the airports is much simpler and can be summed up in three words: Take the train.

Walter J. Kent

Glen Rock , N . J .  

When I ...

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Weighing in on Water

I read the article about our water situation ["Water Woes," June 4]. It was interesting and well researched, but only one sentence about desalination?

There is really a need to be using our knowledge to accomplish this. If we start using the ocean water, perhaps our coastlines will be safer as well.

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