The GOP’s Obamacare Obsession Will Sink Them in 2014

By November we’ll be hearing about people whose lives Obamacare saved.

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2014 has arrived – an election year. President Obama is surely happy to have 2013 behind him, excited to have a new year ahead to work on issues that the American people care about: immigration reform, the budget, extending unemployment benefits, job creation and raising the minimum wage to name a few.

Republicans are also excited about the year ahead. And their agenda?

Replace, repeal, demonize and continue to oppose Obamacare.

Yes folks, the 47 attempts to repeal this law at your time and expense (literally); weren't enough.The fact is that the Republicans promised, 'hey, vote for us, we'll take over the House and create jobs!' was a broken, empty promise.

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The fact is that Americans still care about the economy (a category into which job creation, extending unemployment benefits and raising the minimum wage fall), still ranks numero uno on their list of must haves for 2014.

The fact is that poll after poll shows that the majority of Americans feel there is a disparity of wages in America, want unemployment benefits extended and support raising the minimum wage to a more livable wage.

The fact is that in the last election, Democrats won landslide victories by hitting home the point of income inequality in America and how it must be changed.

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And the fact is that, polls show, the majority of Americans don't like Obamacare, but do like "The Affordable Care Act" and don't want it repealed or replaced, just repaired – and they do not want Republicans fighting over it or voting on it anymore. Despite all that, Republicans are still betting that their opposition to Obamacare will help them win and win big in November 2014.

And the machine's already in motion. It started with the Republican National Committee's announcement that it would emphasize the Democrats' support of Obamacare, hoping to gain seats in both the House & the Senate in the next election. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, said Obamacare is going to be the issue of 2014. As the new year starts, so starts the launch of a multistate radio ad campaign targeting Democrats.

Although Republicans see the continued attack of "if you like your health care plan, you can keep it" comment by the president as their golden egg, I believe it will eventually fall on deaf ears. Those that aren't Democrats or don't like the Democrats won't vote for them, whether they like their insurance, their plan, their doctor or not.

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And by November, the website will be fixed, even more people will be insured as millions more will sign up for Obamacare by the end of March and by November rather than death panels we'll be hearing about how many people were able to have early detection of cancer and get it treated and be cured, rather than die; due to having health insurance and receive preventative care.

We will hear how no jobs were lost due to Obamacare and the economy will continue to improve; despite Republican claims otherwise. In other words, there will be – and Democrats better drive these points home – more success stories and satisfaction with Obamacare than not.

So as a Democrat I like the Republican strategy, for it's political suicide; oh but it will gain seats in the House and the Senate ... for the Democrats.

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